Pi钱包最新消息:今天早些时候,我们在12小时内对任何活动节点进行了Pi wallet的测试发布,并招募了超过10000名先驱通过节点UI测试钱包。从测试版本中学到的知识将帮助我们改进钱包的功能、可扩展性和UI/UX,以便进行更大规模的发布。Pi钱包将连接到Pi Testnet,并通过Testnet水龙头启动测试Pi。测试Pi不是真正的Pi,没有价值。更多关于皮钱包的细节将在Pi Day到来!


原文:Pi wallet news: We had a test release of the Pi Wallet to any active Node during a 12-hour period earlier today and enrolled over 10,000 Pioneers to test the wallet through the Node UI. The learnings from the test release will help us improve the wallet’s functionalities, scalability and UI/UX for a larger launch. The Pi Wallet will be connected to the Pi Testnet and initiated with Test-Pi by the Testnet faucet. Test-Pi is not the real Pi and has NO VALUE. More details about the Pi Wallet will come around Pi Day!

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